What makes us different

Full line of customizable moving services, transparent prices with no add-ons or surcharges. From the simplest task to a cross-country transport, we have you covered.

Personalized quoting

Every move is different. Get in touch with one of our professional team members who will be happy to give you a personalized coordination and answer the questions about moving process, budget and timelines.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to make your moving experience with us smooth and hassle-free. Your satisfaction with our services is our main priority.

Acknowledged professionalism

Azimuth Van Lines is proud to have thousands of five-star reviews within several advertising platforms and articles as it keeps us on the track of being one of the most trusted moving companies in United States.

Not a broker

We don't outsource our work to contractors, therefore there are no hidden fees - one of the many rules that we continuously follow. We discuss your moving needs with you over the phone or email, we pick up your goods and we deliver. Azimuth Van Lines is an independent moving company and there would be absolutely no middle man between us and our clients.

Compatible pricing

Our upfront pricing model guarantees no hidden fees and no surprise/hidden charges on moving day. Once we quote a price based on the size and distance of the move, we never change it afterwards – allowing you to stick to your planned budget.

Secure packing services

We pack your belongings with care to ensure its safe transit and delivery to its new destination. Following specific procedures, we wrap valuables and furniture individually to protect everything throughout the process from loading to unloading.



Get a quote, pick your services and we’ll take care of the rest. United is federally licensed to provide everything you need for the perfect long-distance, interstate move.


Our nationwide network of interstate agents can also independently provide local moving services through their own businesses and brands in metro areas across the United States.


Moving? Let Our Professionals Handle the Cleaning for You!

Moving is stressful enough without having to clean your old place or your new home. Instead of doing your move out and move in cleanings on your own, choose us and let our professionals do the hard work for you.


Long Distance Moves

Azimuth Van Lines is constantly perfecting the interstate moving process (from quote to move-in day), we understand what customers need in order to have a great and stressless moving experience. We strive to provide customers everything they need for a successful move, including dedicated moving coordinator which will help you to build your own move plan, budget and schedule. As an independent moving company we are only using our own resources, including in-house professional team of movers, sale representatives, carriers and storages.

Local Movers

Local moves generally considered moves that typically occur within the same city or a 50-mile radius. State lines also help determine whether a move is a local move or a long distance (interstate) move. For example, a move from Los Angeles downtown to Las Vegas suburbs would not be classified as a local move, where on the other hand, a move from Denver, Colorado to Colorado Springs will be classified as one. Transparent pricing, free moving quotes, comprehensive planning and in-house moving teams are few of the many reasons why our clients trust us.

Storage Services

If you need flexibility with your move, Azimuth Van Lines offers storage solutions to fit your individual moving situation. Whether you need to store your belongings while selling your current home or store your items while you wait on your new home, Azimuth Van Lines is here to help offering competitive storage solutions. We will store your belongings at our convenient storage facilities until your new home is ready. When you’re ready to receive your stored belongings, We will finish moving them for you at your earliest convenience.


Moving into a new home can be overwhelming but keeping a checklist can help make your first days run smoothly. Household items can help families feel more comfortable in the new space. This will accelerate the timeline in which your new house feels more like your family home.

  • Pick up any groceries and/or personal items from the store that you’ll need for your first week in your new home.
  • Deep clean your new house, including your carpets, hard floors, windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, stairs, hard surfaces and furniture, so you can start unpacking in a nice, clean environment. You may choose to use a move-in cleaning company to save time and for convenience.
  • Make sure the chimney is clean and call for service, if needed.
  • Ensure that your house address is visible for future mail and deliveries.
  • Research security systems and install.
  • Purchase and/or check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Make a list of decor items and furniture you want to purchase.
  • Ensure that you know the locations of emergency service providers in the event of an emergency.
  • If you have any damaged or lost items, make sure to file a claim with your moving company, in accordance with terms agreed to, in a timely manner.​

After the stress of moving, it can be tempting to put off unpacking for several days. However, unpacking during the first week can make you feel happier and more comfortable in your new surroundings. Mayflower’s unpacking checklist makes the process simple and manageable.

  • Consider utilizing an unpacking service to save time.
  • Unpack things you know you will need immediately, like dishware, toiletries, clothes and food.
  • Make sure boxes and furniture are placed in respective rooms for easy unpacking and setup.
  • Unpack a little at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Assemble furniture, including dressers, cabinets and shelving.
  • Have kids help unpack and setup their rooms. Provide them with containers, bins and shelves to help them organize their belongings.
  • Take an opportunity to do a second wave of decluttering during the unpacking process. Throw away, donate or sell items that you don’t want to keep.
  • Save yourself a trip to the dumpster and consider debris pick up service for trash and surplus materials you don’t want to keep.
  • Determine the trash and recycling pickup schedule.

Moving requires a lot of paperwork that must be completed both before and after moving day. It is important to update your address and paperwork with key institutions quickly to make sure that you do not miss important bills or notices.

  • Confirm your address change is effective with all organizations with which you submitted change of address requests.
  • Set up new accounts with banks, financial advisors, insurance agents, etc., if applicable.
  • Find a new primary care physician and specialist.
  • Find a new lawyer, if applicable.
  • Register to vote.
  • Ensure that your security deposit has been returned, if applicable.
  • Establish your residency in your new state.
  • Ensure you fulfill all local DMV requirements (safety and emissions, personal property taxes, and car insurance) and get your new driver’s license / state ID.
  • Register your pets and get new tags / update microchips.

You’re all unpacked and now it’s time to relax! With the details of the move behind you, there is ample time to explore your new neighborhood, get acquainted with new amenities and activities and meet other members of your community.

  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.
  • Set up playdates for your kids.
  • Leave an online review for your realtor and send a thank you gift.
  • Leave an online review for your moving company.
  • Explore your new neighborhood and city.
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